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Heroin, an epidemic in Seattle and America that not many people even know about. “Heroin is a highly addictive analgesic drug derived from morphine, often used illicitly as a narcotic producing euphoria.” There are many reason why heroin is such a big issue in the Seattle area. Many people get prescribed opioids and do not know what is actually inside these pills. “Many patients taking prescription opioids know them as “pain killers” and are not aware of their similarity to heroin.” Parents, kids, and other family members get addicted to these prescription drugs and do not get a re-prescription and have to resort to other drugs to fill their addiction needs. Heroin, has the same addictive opium poppy as in oxycodone. Heroin is increasingly getting more popular and at a higher demand in the united states, higher demand, causes more heroin to be accessed on the streets or through drug dealers. Instead of getting a doctor to prescribe you oxycodone or trying to purchase the expensive pain reliever many people revert to the cheaper, and easier to access drug, heroin. “Roughly 47,000 people died of drug overdoses in 2014, the highest on record.” Drug overdoses now kill more Americans each year than either automobile accidents or guns. The United States have more heroin users per capita than any other country in the world. Canada has the second highest, which is alarming that a majority of land  mass in North America have the highest heroin use. There has been a 203% increase of heroin users in America since 2001. “A United Nations study released this summer found that use of heroin has soared in the last two decades. U.S. deaths related to the narcotic have increased fivefold since 2000 and the number of U.S. users has tripled to one million in that time.”   

Heroin a cheaper easier way to fill their addictive needs many Seattle residents revert to heroin instead of illegally purchasing oxycodone or other prescription drugs with the same addictive opium poppy. Seattle residents alone had 150 heroin related deaths in 2014 that is the highest total amount in the last two decades. Treatment centers for heroin in Seattle have doubled since 2010, the number is increasing more each year in the Seattle area. The number of Seattle treatment admissions for heroin is higher than any other drug since 1999. Seattle has one the highest number of heroin deaths in any American city in the past five years. There are two main reasons why heroin abuse is skyrocketing in the Seattle area. First, the legalization of marijuana has played a big part. Because adults can purchase cannabis for their own personal recreational use, the market for illegal marijuana has plummeted. “Mexican drug cartels that formerly concentrated on marijuana cultivation have, by necessity, began focusing on other drugs, primarily heroin, and to a lesser degree, methamphetamines.” Now, many of the marijuana fields are growing opium poppies that can later be manufactured into heroin that is extremely pure and potent. They find a ready and enthusiastic market for that heroin in Seattle/King County, because of the second reason. Just as it was elsewhere in the country, the abuse of prescription opiate painkiller medication in Seattle became a major problem in recent years. At one point, there were enough pain pill prescriptions written in the United States to provide every adult in the country with their own personal bottle of pills. “Law enforcement and healthcare officials responded– by changing prescribing practices, creating databases that discouraged “shopping” doctors to obtain multiple prescriptions, and creating take-back days that got unused prescriptions out of homes.” Seattle, is one the upcoming heroin capitals in America and there are many treatment center out there helping the cause, we also believe our app and invention could help save many lives. 150 people die of a heroin overdose in Seattle, many of the reasons is because they do not receive medical attention in the first hour of overdosing. We could stop that. Just like Leonardo and how he wants us to use all of technology to help create and innovate America, we should use all our technology to help people who overdose on heroin to save their lives. Just like how we learned about culture this creative project helps us with the culture of heroin problems and how to combat people who overdose on heroin.


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